Ofer - Release on Bail, Stone Throwing

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Observers: Lizi Sagie, Norah Orlow (reporting), guest: Ina P.

Translation: Marganit W.

morning and afternoon sessions.

On Thursdays there are mostly remand extensions at Ofer. Sometimes urgent hearings are conducted too.

Today the compound was half empty. Only 3 courtrooms were operating

We attended two hearings in Courtroon 2 presided by Justice Major Amir Dahan.


One case was of a Palestinian staying illegally in Israel. It is the usual story: the defendant lives in Beit Nabala. There is no work there, so he tried to find work in Beit Hanina, where he was caught being an “illegal sojourner”.


Timor Matur, ID 853743391 -Case No. 2069/11– remand extension for 4 days.

The prosecution moves for detention until the conclusion of the proceedings.


Oudai Tamimi,ID 8537009343– Case No. 2068/11, from Nabi Salah.

For some reason, the hearing was postponed. The charge is throwing rocks.


In Courtroom 5, presided by Justice Major Etty Adar, all cases are remand extensions.


Rami Daraj, ID 854342573, 17 years old, is charged with throwing Molotov cocktails (4 years ago). The defense moves to release his client on bail.

The defendant’s mother protests that there is no reason to detain her son.

The judge answers her politely.

Rami, too, is allowed to speak. He claims the policemen beat him during the interrogation, forcing him to accept the charges.


In one case the attorney did not show up. The judge was ready to release the suspect, but when the latter said he had no money for the bail, she said, “So you’ll remain in custody until the conclusion of the proceedings.”

 A hearing for the examination of the bail was set for 7.4.11. The judge also allowed the suspect one phone call to his family to arrange his release on bail.


After the break, at 14:00, we attended the hearing in Courtroom 1 we had actually come for:

the case of Bassam Tamimi, 44, ID 959225640, Case No 2058/11 - from Nabi Salah.

Bassam is a key figure in the popular struggle against the separation wall and against the occupation, and together with Naji Tamimi (who is also in detention) organizes the struggle in his village.

(See article by Amira Haas on 27.3.11)

Bassam Tamimi was incriminated (among others) by the child Islam Dar Ayoub.

(See report on Islam’s interrogation)


Judge: Major Zvi Heilbronn

Prosecutor: Captain Michael Avitan

Defense: Atty. Habib Labib


There were about 20 people in the audience: family members, many diplomats, intellectuals, Anarchist Against the Fence and us.

(See Press Release by Popular Struggle Committee)


Since the indictment was submitted only today, the defense requested postponement to study the material. The defense also requested video-cassettes from the prosecution.

This is a very serious indictment, which involves incitement.

(For details see indictment in Hebrew)


Decision: the case is postponed to Sunday 10.4.11 for review by a detention judge.