Beit Ummar, Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 29.7.13, Morning

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Tova S. And Haya O. (reporting)

Translation:Naomi Gal


7:30 Husan. No one waited for us.


7:50 Nashshash. Here, too, no one waited for us.


8:10 DCO Etzion. A few people consulted with us about matters of police and GSS. Just a few people arrived to DCO, and so it went on previous shifts during the month of Ramadan.


8:30 Beit Ummar. Here, as well, people came to get advice concerning police and GSS.


9:00 – Nabi Yunis as above.


Throughout the last two weeks we encountered more people than usual whose working permits were taken from them when they arrived at the checkpoint and they were scurrying around in order to find out what kind of prevention they have and why.


We encountered also two men who arrived at “Captain Da’ud” at the police station in Etzion. One went to ask for character reference (that he has no criminal record) to take care of removing police prevention he has. Captain Da’ud invited him to a talk and made the usual suggestion: “Help us and we’ll help you.” The man came out without a character reference. An attorney could provide one for him, of course for the price of a few hundred shekels.


Another man, who has a working permit, was summoned to a meeting with captain Da’ud. He was afraid to give us his name and his phone number, fearing that a connection with us could harm him.


And in general, people are very afraid to complain about certain something or someone, and for good reason.