Ofer - Stone Throwing, Minors

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Lizi Sagie, Norah Orlow (reporting)

 Translation: Marganit W. 

Morning and Afternoon

The hearings we came to observe did not take place today. Both cases were

A mini-trial in the case of Islam Dar Ayyoub Tamimi from Nabi Salah was rescheduled for 4.7.11 (because the prosecutor had broken his leg).
The reminder hearing in the case of Muatasem Ali Mansur from Bil'in was
rescheduled for 11.7.11.

In Courtroom 2 sessions finally began at 11:45.
Judge: Captain Sharon Rivlin-Ahai
Prosecutor: ?

Here are a couple of the cases brought before this court:

Yussef Abed Alhamid Turi, ID.913998845 - Case No. 2047/11
Charge: Using false papers
The defendant is married to an Israeli woman. They petitioned for 'family unification' [a process that normally takes years]. He was caught when he
entered Israel using false papers.
The penalty: 45 days in jail, plus 2000 shekels fine + 3 years suspended jail
sentence for the duration of 2 years. The fine was divided into several installments.

Mahmud Waja Muhammad Tamimi, ID 853461796 - Case No. 2358/11, 14 years old.

Resident of Nabi Salah. In detention since 12.4.11.
Charge: throwing objects (rocks)
The case was previously handled by Atty. Gaby Lasky, then transferred to
Atty. Akram Samara, who asked for some time to study the case.
The case was rescheduled for 28.6.11.

Muhammad Mussa Abed Aljafur Musslah, ID 859121642  - Case No. 3017/11, 17 years old, from Qalandiya Refugee Camp.
He is charged with throwing rocks on 15.5.11 (Naqba Day) and was arrested at Qalandiya Checkpoint.
Atty.Jilal Mahfuz was supposed to represent him, but he did not show up in court today. The boy's parents were present in court.
The next hearing will be on 28.6.11.

Courtroom 6
Judge: Dalia Kaufmann
Defense: Atty. Yacov Gabai
A representative of the military commander filled in for the military prosecutor.
A legal counsel for the GSS was also present in court, and at one point she got up trying to offer an explanation, but the defense cut her short, claiming that she had no legal standing in this court.
The case centers on an appeal by Sami Majari who is contesting an eviction order issued on 9.6.11. Before that he had been in detention.
The man is originally from Gaza, but has been living for years in the West Bank. He is married to a woman from the Westbank and has 5 children.
He is accused of infiltration and of having links to Hamas.
Defense: The Palestinian Authority has approved my client's change of address from Gaza to the Westbank
A question arises: is Israel obliged to acknowledge a change of address
approved by the PA, or is the PA obliged to notify the Israeli authorities before granting such approval.
This question now stands before the Supreme Court as a matter of principle.
You cannot just throw a man with a family back to Gaza, said the defense.

The judge requested the military representative to hand over the material and ordered the appellant to remain in custody until a decision is given; it is not
clear when.
There will be an internal reminder hearing before Justice Dalia Kaufmann
on 19.6.11.

We will follow the case.