'Azzun, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Jit Junction , Kufr Jammal, Mon 19.8.13, Morning

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Rahel A., Roni S.(reporting), Ayala S. (translator)
6:30: Habla, we see soldiers and Palestinians.
6:38: The first five passers-through exit the checking premises. The girl MZ (מ"צ) conducts a random check of people who had already been checked.
6:40: Another group of five exit. We noted that the average pace was 2-3 minutes per group of five, but they were often checked again on their way to the gate. A large crowd was still waiting. 
7:00: A commotion and shouting at the gate, probably due to the queues. One person told us that he had been waiting since 5am and his turn had still not come.
The MZ attempted to set things in order but in the mean time passage came to a short halt.
We left at 7:10 and there were still many people waiting. 
7:15At Eliyahu CP there were no workmen on line and only few vehicles. 
7:35: Falamia agricultural gate: Many tractors entering the area. 
7:45: An elderly couple on a horse&buggy approach, apparently from Jayyus. They could barely get off their buggy.The soldier took their permits to check at the post, returned them and opened the gate for them to pass through. Some more tractors as well as two youths also passed through.
8:00: We left.
8:20:Kufr Jammal: Paid a visit to the Z.'s grocery, and tried to talk with him and his wife in a poor mixture of Hebrew, English, Arabic. A farmer neighbor was called over to help with some Hebrew - He had worked in Israel for years and could talk fluently. They told us about the hardship of the farmers due to lack of sufficient permits and hoped the matter would be addressed to ease their difficulties. He reminded me about a very similar situation near Falamia gate some three years back when Miriam and I spoke with Ad'al about the lack of permits and he had promised to remedy the situation.He believed we were doing the best we could but there were no results...Was very worried about the lands belonging to Beit Gimmal that would be left out of the new route of the separation Wall. A gate was planned to be set up just across from their Kafr but its construction hadn't been completed and there was no gate at present.
Continued along Road 55. 
9:20: Jit: Near the watchtower there was a jeep with soldiers.
9:50: Deir Sharaf
Had a talk with our acquaintance - the owner of the bakery/grocery, who was all for allowing Palestinians to establish businesses in Palestine and selling the merchandise in Israel: that would bring peace at once, no need for useless talks he said.
10:00: Eliyahu CP: A brief check of our ID and we passed through.