Beit Furik, Huwwara, Kifl Harith, Qira, Mon 26.8.13, Morning

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Harriet G., Sally-Ann F., Sasha (guest), Devorka A. (reporting), with Nadim, Judith Green (translator)

10:30 Kif'el Hares

We visited the grave of Caleb ben Yafuna;  now the room of the grave, as well as the womens' area, are padlocked.  As you remember, this is the place that 1000's of Hasidim visit every few weeks, in order to pray at night, under the protection of the IDF.

10:45 Kira

There were already a few women waiting in the clubhouse, and a few more arrived soon.  It was our first visit after Ramadan and the summer.  The women were very happy to see Harriet again, and were waiting to hear her suggestions.  Harriet introduced the new member, Sally-Ann, a professional dancer who had volunteered to work with the women on "movement".

We had a first taste of what this would be on the spot.  Within a few minutes, with the help of a large plastic bag, a long stick and a huge ball, Sally-Ann played with us and got everyone moving with a lot of theatrical talent and attention.  It was easy to see that this would be a lot of fun and also helpful for women who aren't used to physical movement and exercise.  The women were very pleased that Harriet also offered to continue English tutoring as well as starting movement classes in another week.  They asked if it was possible to add instruction in beading.  We promised to check this out and departed promising to renew the classes on the coming Mondays.

12:30  Hawara, Beit Furik, Beit Dagan

At Hawara we stopped to see the abandoned checkpoint.  After a few minutes, some soldiers on duty appeared.  They were not stopping cars at the crossroad.  We continued to Beit Furik.  Aside from a few huge blocks where there had been a checkpoint, the only reminder of past days was the fact that the driver of a car who stopped next to Nadim, recognized him from back then and told him that the road was clear and there were no obstacles.  From there we continued to Beit Dagan;  the yellow checkpoint was open.  It had been taken down a year ago, since it seemed that the period of punishment had ended, which the IDF had applied to Beit Furik and Beit Dagan, also in order to prevent people who were coming from and going to Nablus from the villages to pass through the fields of Beit Furik and Salem.

13:15  Return to highway 60 and 55, by way of Izhar, Havat Gilad, Jit Junction, Funduk, Azun (the checkpoint was open), to Eliyahu Gate and Rosh HaAyin.