Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Mon 9.9.13, Afternoon

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Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)
Olive Terminal
We went first to the Zeitun checkpoiht.  When we were there two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak to several Palestinians who complained that an area, which had previously been open and through which people without permits managed to get through had just that morning been closed with barbed wire.  Obviously, the area had purposely been left open for some time and the man with whom we spoke could not understand why it was suddenly closed.  While we spoke with him, several more people approached the former opening and tried pushing aside the barbed wire.  Within minutes, four black clad security guards approached, together with a policeman and those who had thought about crossing disappeared from sight.
We wanted to examine the situation today.  The barbed wire is still there but if someone wanted to get through, he could.  In fact, while we were in the area, several people came through.  The area is in clear sight of the watch tower so it is hard to believe that this infiltration goes unnoticed.  One man, who did not cross through called to us to complain that the toilet facilities in the waiting area were not functioning for six weeks.  I promised that I would put that information into my report.  
En route to Al Azariah, we noticed that there is road work being done in proximity of an area that during the winter was the habitat of Bedouins.  While there is still a Bedouin encampment nearby, the previous site where we saw them is now totally evacuated.
Wadi Nar
There was very little traffic at Wadi Nar.  No vehicles or individuals were detained.  One man approached us and asked for help in getting his name removed from the Shabach list.  We referred him to Sylvia,.