Jalama, Thu 22.8.13, Morning

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Neta G.

Translation:  Devorah K.


05:50 It has been a long time since we visited this CP at such an early hour. Agricultural workers (women) are waiting for their rides by the sides of the parking lot. Men workers are coming out of the terminal. Many different vehicles, including buses, are waiting for the workers.

One of the security guards wonders who I am and what am I doing at the opening of the terminal. A senior guard tells me to go away from there to the middle of the sleeveinfo-icon. He is concerned with security of course. The senior guard answers my question about the number of people who go through in the morning. To my surprise, he says it's about 2000.

A large shed has been built for people who have to wait. There are a few benches and even some tables. No one is sitting there at this time. It is still not too hot and people are waiting outside. The kiosk is open: A chocolate covered waffle costs one shekel.


06:30 At this time tradesmen are already going through. One of them complains that they open only two inspection posts, and three at the most, even though there are, he says, ten positions. He says that this morning the passage is quick, but yesterday it was very slow and took about an hour.


07:00 At this time I and one other volunteer driver had to take eight people, patients and their escorts, to Rambam Hospital. Not all of them have gone through yet. 


07:20 The last of them, a sick girl and her parents, have arrived. The father tells me that the passage took them an hour, of which 35 minutes were spent inside the terminal.


The parking lot is almost empty. Most of the workders and the tradesmen have gone to work and to their businesses. The vehicle CP, the vehicular passage, through which the Palestinian citizens of Israel go to the West Bank, is still locked at this time. One car is already waiting in front of the gate.