Bruqin, Kufr alDik, Wed 21.8.13, Morning

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Tzofit K., Michal Z., Rivka S., Hilli A. (new members) Ruthy B.R, Dalia G., Daniela G., Dvorka O. (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.



A joint shift of two teams in two private cars

10:45Driving through the Seam Zone to the Village of A-Dik.

In the conference room at the council building we met, for a long conversation, the new head of the council, the person responsible for the water and three of the members of the town council one of which was Hala, the coordinator of one of the women's clubs and our friend of old. The main topic of the conversation (not for the first time) was the unbearable water problem, especially during the summer months.


A second subject which was raised was the "galloping" building of new living quarters on the ridges, as a continuation of the settlements of  Baruhin, Alei Zahav and Leshem on the one side, and the ridge on which are situated the settlements of Peduel and Beit Arie on the other side, up to Dir Balut. The head of the council had a map which was given to him by the Army and which comprised the plans for a further building of about 500 building units on the lands of the village of A-Dic and the adjoining village – Baruhin.


When we left the council building we met Bassam, an observer on behalf of the United Nations in the region of Salfit and Nablus. He stopped near us and was interested to know who we were and whether we had no difficulty\fear of entering a Palestinian village. The range of his responsibility as "observer" is mainly employment and the economic aid which the UN bestows upon about a million Palestinians (!) which are till today considered as refugees from the 1948 war. A similar aid from the UN is bestowed upon many of the inhabitants of Gaza, who are also considered as 1948 refugees.

12:45The Aley Zahav Settlement. The settlement was build on areas which were confiscated from the inhabitants of the A-Diq village.