Qalandiya, Sun 15.9.13, Morning

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Meira W. and Ronny P.

We arrived at 5 am and there were almost no people but very soon a long line built up. The soldier continued to leave only one caroussel open and as a her officer arrived  and we drew his attention to the problem it was immediately rectified.

The same happened with two families with children going to hospitals. One of them came early so that the humanitarian gate wasn't opened and we asked the people to let them through.

Next we met a family from  Tul Karem going to hospital with a very sick little boy who could not even stand up. Their permit was valid until yesterday!!!! We spoke to the police woman who thought it was a problem but within a few minutes she came back and the family with their big stroller went through the humanitarian gate before 6am! They at least had transportation from volunteers to the hospital awaiting them at the exit from the checkpoint.

We felt that although there were many people the line moved pretty well

We met a couple of people with wives in Gaza and referred them to the Moked and to Gisha (Legal Center for Freedom of Movement)