Kifl Harith, Qira, Shomron Crossing, Mon 2.9.13, Morning

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הרייט גויטיין (מדווחת), סלי-אן פרידלנד, ברכב אילון גויטיין

Kifl Hars, Qira, 2.9.13 morning

Observers:  Harriet Goitein (reporting), Sally-Ann Friedland, Elon Goitein (driving)

Translator:  Charles K.


09:30  Shomron crossing.  Traffic flows.


09:45  Kifl Haris.  An army jeep drives around near the entrance to the village.

We place the Machsom Watch banner in the windshield.  We arrived at Qira early.  The family of one of the participants in the class who lives across the street invited us for coffee.


10:10  Sally-Ann is beginning a movement class with six students.  Additional women arrive one by one.  Harriet said she watched, seated, and saw how much they enjoyed the class.

I teach advanced English to four students.


11:15  We switch groups; I teach eight students English; Sally-Ann has four.  The little children interfere; Sally-Ann suggests to the director that next week she find a babysitter.

By the time classes ended there were 12 participants.  Five were new; they hadn’t come last year.

While we were teaching, Elon (Harriet’s husband) sat outside.  Laborers working in an adjacent building joined him.  They drink coffee and talk about their families.


12:00  We return via Kifl Haris.

I didn’t feel comfortable driving through in a private car, so we didn’t continue.


12:20  Shomron crossing.  They didn’t check our ID cards.