Bruqin, Deir Ballut, Kufr alDik, Wed 19.6.13, Morning

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Ruthie Bar Zohar and Susie Eyad. Translation Shelly K.

9:20 Alei Zahav Junction – 2 jeeps, civilian vehicle, and group of soldiers. They went via the Bruqin road to Kfar A-Dik. We arrived at the center relatively early. The women and their children were waiting for us happy and smiling. We get tons of love and thanks from all of them and each of us gets a lot of attention and respect.


The activities are conducted with the women and children simultaneously. The children are

excited and very attentive. Ruthie brought sheets of carton, pencils and colors, wool and glue. It’s amazing how many images can be created, girl or boy, and you can cut out clothes for them from loads of fabric remnants: a rat or a horse, you give them a mane and tail  and connect the image to a stick and now it is possible to make them dance or gallop.  The children are very fond of this and mothers are likewise pleased. Our feeling is that a special bond is formed between us and the women. Susie finished previous projects with the women. Hanan, the center’s organizer, requested help in preparing pillow covers for her son’s wedding which will take place in about a month. We helped her plan and cut. Before we left we managed to cut out a successful pattern for a potholder and the women will just have to piece it together by machine.


By 12:30 we continued onto Dir Balut via Alei Zahav. There was no checkpoint. In Alei Zahav, on both sides of the hilltop there is intense building. The village is quiet. Many stores are open. People eye us curiously. Right now there are no activities in the women’s center of the village due to objections from a member of the municipality. We continued onto Rafat on the hill opposite the Alei Zahav settlement. The village is quiet. Many children are in the street.