Qalandiya, Sun 13.10.13, Morning

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Marcia L, Meira W
We arrived at 05:10 and immediately sensed a feeling of quietness, there was one member of EAPPI present.

All 3 gatesinfo-icon were open and the few people present were going through quickly and quietly.

The festival of Eid-al-Adha starts with an all day fast on Monday followed by big family gathering and feasts on Tuesday.
We were told that today fewer people will be going into Jerusalem to work and Monday no one will be working because of the fast.

At 06:00 to our delight we observed the police officer in charge escort a family through the humanitarian gate, all the way through the other gates to the carousel. We duly thanked him

At 06:15 a women approached us asking for assistance, she said she had a hospital appointment for renal dialysis and explained she had been sent back from the carousel. Checking her permit we noticed it was valid but only from 09:00. We asked the police officer if he could help her and yet again he surprised us and let her through EARLY, his actions were applauded

07:00 We went home leaving the checkpoint satisfied and wishing our neighbors a happy holiday!