Qira, Zeta, Wed 20.6.12, Morning

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Dalia Furman, Hagar Zemer, Rivka Raz. Dvorka Oreg (reporting)

Translator Hanna K.


10:15 Qira. We arrived with some delay, two groups were waiting for us, ready for the English and Yoga classes.

At the Yoga classes the women exercised with much energy, despite the heat in the room. At the English class most of the women were equipped with copybooks and stationery. A blackboard was also brought in, and the classes were conducted with a good feeling.


10:30 Zeita.  The women in the class are almost all present. At the opening of the lesson L. one of the pupils asked me for permission to read from her notebook a composition of more than half a page which she had composed in a bit faulty Hebrew and in phonetic Arabic writing. To the surprise of all of us she wrote about what she experienced the day before at noon in the village, near her shop.

A General Security Service man known as Hever and a few soldiers entered the shop. They evacuated a few young men who came to shop, among them sons of two of the women in the class and a nephew of the shop owner herself' and began investigating them and search their clothes. Small children who were in the shop were very scared. According to her she suddenly saw Nadim's car with Nadim and our colleagues (Bruriya, Yehudit and Noemi) and she was relieved. She suddenly felt safe. The soldiers, who saw the car, disappeared immediately. She went on to explain that she wrote these occurrences in order to thank Nadim and our colleagues for being there on the spot!


The Hebrew studies continued in high spirits. It seems the women come not only in order to study but also for a social gathering. The gym lesson was conducted this time with a partial translation into English, by one of the young pupils.


At Jamma'in, Einabus and Huwwara no soldiers at all were to be seen. At Huwwara the traffic flowed. Just a Hummer and a jeep passed through the village.


At 13:00 we returned from Jamma'in to road 505, opposite Marda. Everything is quiet, as if there were no army in the area…