Qira, Zeta, Wed 13.6.12, Morning

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Tova Hailperin, Hagar Zemer, Rivka Raz, Dvorka Oreg

Natanya translating.


10.15 We got to Qira. The center opened and the women began arriving. Hagar and Rivka worked in two groups of 10-12 women and the instructor changed after an hour. The activities at the centre are orderly and the physical conditions are good. But there is still no blackboard which we need to teach English. It seems that the women came to the meeting happily and to both lessons. This is so in spite of the fact that not all are yet accustomed to the way to study as we see in other settled frameworks.


10.30 At Zeita Tovah told the women that from her point of view the course in beading had ended . But they asked her to come again so as to have a look at their work in the next week, to have photos taken and to part.

The Hebrew class continues in an orderly and steady manner. Lately two new students have joined us and they are quick and making an effort to make up the material.  It is a pleasure to work with them and they also seem to enjoy it. It is obvious who takes time at home to study.


12.40 Jama'in  and Einabus: there is another day of practically empty street and no army on the road.


13.00 Huwwara. The crossroads are empty of soldiers. It is very jarring to notice the large blue and white signs which say “Israel sovereignty on all of Judea and Samariya". It is not hard to imagine the feelings of the Palestinians when they meet up with this happy news from day to day.


At Za’tara/Tapuah no soldiers except for the sentry tower.