Kifl Harith, Zeta, Wed 25.4.12, Morning

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Tovah H., Dvorka O.

Natanya translating.

Kifl Harith. 9.00. We met N. who organizes the program for mothers in the village and with T. who is responsible to the branch of the Red Cross and for the building which houses the health services and the activities for the women. The aim of the meeting was to introduce ourselves and the reason as to our visits to the village.
We received a very warm welcome. In spite of the fact that we had arranged the meeting with the organizer the director who is also a professional nurse took time off of her own accord from another project to meet with us. The centre for the Red Cross is impressive with comfortable and airy rooms, clean and orderly. Very different from what we have seen in other villages. We suggested that we hold weekly meetings with physical exercise and studies. We would speak to the group and begin with language. It seems that they would prefer English. We decided that after they had found out how many women would be interested they would contact us.

During the conversation it turned out that T. lives in the nearby Qira and she showed interest in our activities for their centre. We said we would have to find out if there are other members who could join us in these activities. It seems that it is very important that Nadim be with us. He does not take part in the meetings (women only!) but he meets up with men who happen to come to the place, to speak to them and learns to know the village. This helps for the suspicion and fear which they might feel with us to be alleviated swiftly.That and also his services as a translator.


Zeita. 10.00 to 10.15 There were already 15 women present and others arrived shortly afterwards. 25 in all. There were also some elderly women who did not take part in the activities but who wanted to sit in the classes and listen. We presented the program for “The day at the sea.” This of course caused excitement and many questions. The organizer and the clerk of the municipality will make up a list according to the  usual instructions.

We continued with the program in two rooms. There is motivation to advance where the beads are concerned and also those studying Hebrew arrived in full force. As usual they are very interested and enthusiastic about the vocabulary which is included in the lesson. Up to now we have conversed. This time we began at a later stage with reading in print letters. We could not carry out physical activities as they requested because of the Day of remembrance and the congestion at the cemetery. Some of our members could not come with us.
Huwwara 13.00 We met a person who is denied entry into Israel who had to sign some papers.
13.30 The checkpoint was inactive and there were no soldiers.