Qira, Zeta, Wed 6.6.12, Morning

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Dalia Furman, Fathiya Akfa, Hagar Zomer, Devorka Oreg

Translator: Natanya G.


14.00 Qira. This is our second meeting  in Qira. They are very enthusiastic about the English lesson and the yoga. When we arrived some of them were present. The others came later because of the celebrations of the ending of the school year.  Rikva and Hagar divide them into two groups and each of the groups study English and do Yoga. Naima helps her and speaks English. This is a great help and the women enjoy the activities. Rivka needs no help with the English  and they are eager to learn. The level is that of beginners though some of them know some sentences. A blackboard is needed. One of the women promised that she would bring one next time.


10.30 Zeita. The office of the municipality was still closed. Therefore for the Hebrew lesson we again went to the house which has a classroom. This time two young teachers who are on holiday joined us and some school children. They did not bother us, listened politely and asked that we teach them too. Up to now  at Zeita we have had 15 double lessons. A week ago we added reading in print. The speed at which they are gaining these  new abilities is very pleasing and it is clear that they practice at home.    

Dalia this time gave a short exercise class after she had returned from an extended visit to Burin/Yizhar. With the help of Fathiya who translates the lessons go well and easily. 

At the same time as the activities in Qira Fathiya and Dalia went with Nadim on a field trip.