Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira, Zeta, Wed 2.5.12, Morning

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Tova Heilperin, Hagar Zemer (reporting); Nadim (driver).

Translator Hanna K.


Haris, 10:10: The streets are empty, only near the exit did we see a few women with children. All the shops are shut, except a few groceries. Yesterday, 1.5.12 there was no school because of the first of May, today there is school.


Kif'l Harith, 10:15: We went there by a side road that passes through olive groves- beautiful!  At the village itself there is no living soul – desolation, everything is shut. At the main square a Palestinian flag is hoisted.


Qira, 10:20: the same situation. Later we saw on the roadside a few men working.


Zeita, 10:25: Here too the village is desolate. On the way we met only two boys. When we reached the mosque we saw nearby a few taxis and cars. We feared that there might be some event and that we would not be allowed to enter the hall, but nothing happened. We went up to the women's club and began the activities:
- Tova threaded chains with the women till 12:30.
- Hagar taught Yoga: the first group from 10:30 to 11:50, and the second from 12:00 to 13:00.

The women participated in both activities with a lot of good will and attention.

We left at 13:10. We drove through Jamma'in, the Marda-Jamma'in junction, the Ariel junction and the Samaria crossing.