Zeta, Wed 18.7.12, Morning

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Suzie A., Devorka O.

 Natanya translating. 


There is nothing to report as we travel between the villages. it's very hot and the shops are closed. A group of young people, maybe students are marching along the street in Haris, either before or after their studies or exams. There are no soldiers or army vehicles in the streets.

We came to Zeita two days after their trip to the sea in Tel-Aviv-Yafo  and found bright faces . The women spoke of  the difficult experience which the children had had when they had to wait for a long time at the checkpoint of Eyal but they thanked us with all their hearts for the wonderful day that they had afterwards. Some young boys came up to us and spoke warmly of the great day at the sea.


It seems that that day there was a program for the women with a lecturer from outsides about bees?? So some of the women did not come to the Hebrew lesson.  Another group preferred to forgo the lecture and this was an opportunity to revise the reading with them and to strengthen it  which was what they needed so as to catch up with the more advanced class.  


Suzie went up to the hall on the top floor with 30 children and had a painting lesson with materials she had brought with her. At the same time while the children were engaged in this she took a group of about 10 elderly women for a lesson on quilting.

At the end of the activities we were invited by one of the women who could not come to the lesson to visit her new home. We asked that they should not prepare food but were glad to be served coffee. We promised to come after Ramadan and Id Ilfitir to continue with the meetings.