Haris, Jama'in, Qira, Za'tara (Tapuah), Zeta, Wed 30.5.12, Morning

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Tovah H. Hagar Z., Rivka R., Devorka O. (reporting)


Natanya translating.


9.45 Haris.Young people are hanging around the village and are not in school. We were told that the reason for this is that there are exams.


9.50 Qira.We came a bit early and within 10 minutes a group of 24 women gathered at the centre ready to start the activities. The organizer and her assistant, a young woman who speaks English, divided us into two groups, one of which did yoga and the other studied English with Rikva. The activities were warmly received.


10.15 Zeita.We arrived to find the centre closed. It seems that in the night there has been a burglary in the offices of the municipality and the police were coming to investigate. The group that works with beads alighted as usual to the meeting hall of the mosque. As we could not hold the Hebrew class at the centre one of the women suggested that we go to her mother’s house which was nearby. When we arrived it turned out that there was a classroom, a blackboard, a big table and chairs. One of the sisters of the family is a teacher at the school and in the afternoon she teaches children at home. The welcome was very warm and towards the end of the lesson two more women connected to the family joined us for the lesson. It was obvious that they were very excited at this unexpected meeting in their home.


12.30 Jama'iמ.The streets were practically empty even though at the exit to road 505 taxis were waiting. We are surprised as lately the police have forbidden the taxis to wait there for passengers. For security reasons the police had demanded that they wait at the crossroads of Marda.


12.45 Za’tara.No soldiers at the post of at the parking lot. When we returned the blue police were in the parking lot.


13.00 Huwwara.At the entrance were four soldiers in the square next to the shops and a van with Israeli license plates. There were no soldiers at the checkpoint. We played a trick and made a u-turn at the northern point of the checkpoint but this did not seem to bother whoever was in the sentry tower.