Bruqin, Haris, Kifl Harith, Kufr alDik, Mon 24.12.12, Morning

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Harriet G., Hagar Z. (reporting), Nadim (driver), Translator: Ayelet Wiesman




09:50: Haris: Village seems very quiet with the shops shut, just some kids playing on the street and a group of women chatting on a side street.

10:00: Similar scene in Kif el Hart, deserted…

10:05:Qira: Desolate and still. We drove directly to the women's club. There were few women there. They explained that due to the mid-term exams the mothers stay home to assist their kids with their studies. Harriet  taught  an ' advanced English' course and I a 'beginners English', joined forces at the end in singing a song in English.

At present it appears that due to the lack of students for the two subjects – English and Yoga – we might have to terminate our activity there.

12:05: Bruqin: Deserted streets though there seems to be much construction going on, including road works.

12:10: Kafr ad-Dik: At the women's club which we had once worked with we met Hanan, the director, who said she'd be glad if we renewed our activity there. Nadim told her we didn't have enough volunteers. She told us that several days ago a number of young people had been detained in their village. We left at 12:25