Qalandiya, Tue 5.11.13, Morning

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Natalie G., Neta E., Ina F. (reporting), Ayala S. (translating)

05:40: The lines were shorter than usual and the pace was better than on recent days at this hour, although Lane 4 was functioning only for people without carry bags. But the situation worsened at about 6:45, when there was a change of shift and a new slower group operated (an MP woman and a policeman). Somewhat later, there was a technical failure at Lane 5 and it was closed down for quarter of an hour. The combination of the two brought about a most difficult morning at the CP. Instead of the usual peak at about 7:00, this time it ended at about 7:45 and no doubt workmen were late to work.

The 'humanitarian' gate opened up at 6:15 and again whenever a group formed there.

The policeman escorted a woman in a wheelchair through gate 5. We talked with people on line and their opinion was that the delays occurred when the soldiers on duty dealt with their mobile phones while they were on duty. No doubt had the use of phones been banned, the pace of passage would have improved considerably. We wanted to suggest a similar course to the senior Police Officer in charge of the CP but had trouble obtaining his name in order to approach him