'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Kifl Harith, Qira, Mon 18.11.13, Morning

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Harriet Goitein (report), Sally Friedland

9:50   Drive through Kifl Harith

10:05   Arrive to Qira.  None of the ladies have arrived yet. 

10:15  Only 5 women arrive.  There is a general strike of the teachers and all the students, elementary and high school return home.  Several teenagers I worked with came to say hello. I suppose the women stayed home to take care of their children.

I organize a beginners level English and it goes very well.

11:00  Sally Ann begins a vigorous movement class.  The women participate with enthusiasm. She puts emphasis on “letting go” and directs them to use whole body movement.  Sally is very satisfied that there wasn’t the disturbance of their little children.

Sally requested that the women bring 10 shekel to help purchase balls and they all agreed. She intends to use the balls to do special exercises to strengthen their backs.

12:00  Leave Qira

12:15 passing Deir Istia on road 55 in the direction of Karne Shomron.We pass Ramat Gilad, and Karne Shomron.  At the entrance to Maala Shomron, a guard stands at a temporary check booth.

A jeep rides ahead of us most of the way and at Azzun a jeep passes us in the opposite direction.  A few minutes later a 2nd jeep goes by and a small troop carrier passes before the entrance to Nebelias.

Eliyahu Crossing we show our passports, but no check was done on the car.