The village of Ad Dik, Bruqin, Haris, Kif'l Haret', Zeita, 5.6.13, Afternoon, E.

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Suzy A., Ruthi B.,Ronit R., Tamar R., Devorka O., and Nadim. Natanya translating.

3 jeeps and a number of soldiers stand with aimed rifles in the middle of the village of Ad Dik at 10 in the morning. Some minutes after they saw us they got back on to the jeeps and disappeared. We had no time to film this.

09.30On the way to Bruqin and the village Ad Dik an armed army vehicle with antennas drove in front of us. The presence of the army in the village is a daily occurrence. In the club house 15 women were already waiting for us with pleasant faces and eager to get to work.

Ronit, Tammie and I were getting to go on our way when we were told that there was trouble in the village. We went to the centre of the village and at the tree next to the municipality building 12 soldiers were standing in a circle with pointed rifles. We went up to them and asked what they were doing there. They did not reply, got into the cars and disappeared. (Maybe just another routine way of causing fear?). Some villagers stood there, amongst them the head of the village. They seemed calm and said there were no problems.

10.30Kif'l Haret'. Most of the shops were closed. At the grave of Caleb ben Yefune rubbish was being removed, the domes were being painted and a lock was put on the
women’s section. The area of the graves is neglected. We went to our favorite clothing shop. They told us that the children were already on vacation which would continue till the end of August. 3 months without any social or educational program.

11.15 Zeita.We came to a meeting in the house of the organizer and another 3 women. We wished to make a program together for activities with the children in the vacation period. We decided to organize English lessons for girls and boys and to try to engage someone who would organize games and activities for the younger children. (We will be happy to have volunteers with suggestions).

12.30We went back to the village of Ad Dik to pick up Suzie and Ruthie at the women’s club. Today also there had been satisfactory results and as always the atmosphere had been pleasant.