Jaba (Lil)

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Michal Cohen, Tamar Fleishman

Translator:  Charles K.

Here’s how they use the dogs:
1. A vehicle from the Oketz unit parks next to the checkpoint.  Soldiers descend from the pillbox and erect a barrier.  The dog handler, a female soldier, instructs them which vehicles to stop.

פורסים מחסום




2. The victim must get out of the vehicle, stand to one side and watch his property be appropriated for military purposes:


הקורבנות הוצאו

3. The dog is brought inside, outside and all about:

הכלב הוכנס לרכב

4. The dog handler notices the camerainfo-icon, says she’s classified, like a pilot, and orders the soldiers to prevent me from photographing her:

כשהכלב סובב את הרכב הכלבנית מגלה שהיא מצולמת

5. Tomer, the commander, ordered me not to photograph the dog handler, who’s like a pilot.
But I don’t discriminate by gender, rank, unit or specialization – I photograph all of them, every one, every single one, each and every one – that’s what I tell them and will keep telling them whenever I meet them here.

They assigned a soldier who stood next to me for an hour, much too close, to hide the dog handler from me and my camera, during which time three victims were inspected:

הקרוב שומר עלי והרחוק על הפלסטיני

After they’d merged into the eastbound traffic, the fourth victim was stopped.

The man who was required to leave his vehicle saw us and shouted [in English]:  “They searching me!”

Perhaps he understood that we (and not they) hear and see him – and at this place, at this moment, in this situation - what more could he ask?