Hebron, Tarqumiya

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Raya, Hagit S. (reporting), Charles K. (trans.)



At the Tarqumiya checkpoint we spoke with one of the checkpoint managers (Yoram Cohen).

He says it operates very well, 1400 people go through in an hour.  On Sundays, when it’s very congested, the number of employees working at the checkpoint is also increased.  He says that many people are stuck there after crossing and suggests that transportation be arranged in an organized manner rather than depending on fly-by-night drivers and vehicles as is currently the case.  He says they drive dangerously in order to make as many round trips as they can.



Completely white; we residents of the coastal plain found it a wonderful sight.)


Few people in the streets, but many children because there’s no school.

Only half the width of the Kiryat Arba–Hebron road is open, but you can reach the Cave of the Patriarchs on a very wet road where we met nice, friendly Naha”l soldiers.  They know nothing about us, and weren’t happy to see that some of our badges proclaimed “Women against the occupation.” 


At ‘Abed’s shop we drank tea with salvia; the Naha”l soldiers buy a backgammon board.  Apparently the situation is such that there’s time to play…


We supported Hebron’s economy with a short visit to the grocery next to Azzam.