Nabi Elias

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Brenda G. Tamar A. Devorka O., Natanya translating

About a month ago when we began our activities with women and two young men of Nabi Elias. A group of students asked us to teach English. After coordinating and postponing. Brenda, our new member, promised to dedicate her Friday mornings to teach them English.

We arrived at our destination. 7 women students and one mail student were already waiting at the women’s club with a welcome and prepared to work. Brenda immediately began the work of getting to know one another and the class.

So as not to interrupt, Tamar and Devorka left to go around the village and they had an stirring meeting with two women and their children. One of them was busy making tasty pittot in an enormous taboon (of which we bought) and the second who knew Hebrew after years of working with a family in the village of Malal and she shared with us  her  thought on Israelis and Palestinians and her good memories of the days that she worked in Israel. She also told us about her family and that of her friend, the baker. In the covered yard in which we sat opposite the taboon the small children of the family wandered around. They enjoyed themselves and broke into laughter when we photographed them and showed them the pictures. One cute little 8 year old boy was our guide to the club and back.

When we arrived back the lesson had nearly ended and the faces of the young people were very expressive. They glowed with happiness and laughter. Brenda had brought an interesting and amusing curriculum for the lessons and the atmosphere was wonderful. (They probably had forgotten for an hour or two the daily problems which we caused them). When the next lesson was discussed a few asked for the lesson to be for two hours and not for one.