'Izbet alTabib, Far'ata

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Ricky F., Orli W., Nirit Habib, Shoshana M., Adam R., (guest), Dvorka (in Adam and Dvorka's cars) Translation: Bracha B.A.

13:45 – Far`ata

The group of women were waiting with about 20 children of various ages were waiting for us.  The activity on Wednesdays began three weeks ago.  We began with a beadwork class and Adam then joined us to give English lessons to 28 children of various ages at different levels.  We therefore decided to add a younger children's group and that Adam would teach the more advanced class.  Today Dvorka and Shoshana arrived to teach the younger children.  Adam taught the older children and said that he truly succeeded in teaching for the first time.  Shoshana and Dvorka taught 15 younger children.  We hope to have details of these two lessons tomorrow. 


Adam reports: "We succeeded in reaching our destination with almost no mistakes.  Ricky used the map to navigate – I like it when someone reads to me from the map since it reminds me of when I was a child.  The second accomplishment was that there were all girls and only one boy, who was upset because he was the only boy.   Next week another boy will come.  The girls are aged 13-17.  The lesson ran smoothly and all the students participated.  We sang at the end of the lesson and mothers joined us who had come to visit (we'll make this a tradition).  They enjoy teaching me Arabic so much that it is heartwarming, and I hope to make this venture a success." 


We gave the children a short lesson to see how much English they knew.   We used simple dialogues and basic patterns, number games and the alphabet song.  Next time Shoshana will begin to teach with the help of Brenda G.   

Orli and I gave the third lesson in beadwork. 10 women came and brought lovely beaded necklaces that they made at home with beads they had bought.  The lesson began about 14:00 and lasted an hour and a half.  We taught a relatively easy example and how to make clasps.  The women worked very quickly and made wonderful necklaces.  We need to make the patterns more difficult in order to keep up with them.  This time everyone brought beads and string except for one woman.  We asked them to bring clasps to the next lesson.


At 14:30 a 19-year-old student arrived for a private drawing lesson.  Orli began to teach her to draw with perspective and brought her examples of artists' drawings.  The young woman was enthusiastic as well as the women who saw her drawings.  The lesson had a cheerful atmosphere.  Nirit took pictures of the beadwork that the women had made at home and photographed Adam and Shoshana in action.


15:00 – Izbet el Tabib 

Nirit, Dvorka, and Shoshana met with B. and M. to talk about their new initiative to organize a three-day weekend camp in the village that will end with a large demonstration.   They expect that people from abroad as well as Israelis will participate and stay in the village for the duration of the weekend.   They will conduct public relations and social activities.


 Mickey Fisher adds: "In Izbet el Tabib they have continued to use tear gas and smoke grenades for the past three days.  Apparently, last night this happened as well, but M. called me but I did not have my phone with me.  I tried to call him back but there was no answer.  I will check tomorrow."