Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Roni Hammerman, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound 


Judge: Major Kobi Sudari
Researcher: Afif Mahmoud
Defence attorneys: Fadi Qawasmi, Salah Ayoub

There were three cases in the docket. Two under agreement - an extension until 8.3.12 and transfer of the case to the military prosecution.

The detaineesinfo-icon were:

Abed al - Nasser Salman Abed al-Khadr Merar, ID 852676113

Musallam Abed Amaz Hassin Adris, ID 852965938

The second detainee was represented by attorney Fadi Qawasmi. The attorney and detainee were talking to each other, when the detainee began speaking loudly and suddenly burst into tears. Judge Kobi Sudari did not request a translation of the detainee's words to understand why he was in the state he was in. Perhaps he understands Arabic and had no need for an interpreter, but whatever the case, the prisoner's plight did not seem to interest him, and he asked that the detainee be removed ... since there was an agreement ....

In the third case, Att. Qawasmi spoke on behalf of Att. Tawil who has no entry permit to Jerusalem (!). We asked the defence counsel what the detainee's outburst had been about. Apparently he was unwell: he and his attorney had been promised that he would be returned to hospital, but this did not happen, and he appeared to be suffering.

We contacted Imani from Physicians for Human Rights, and she will continue handling the case via the attorney.

The third detainee:Muhammad Sa'adi Ibrahim Namr, ID 8501513920

As noted, Att.. Tawil is in charge of this case.
The police investigator requested another 11 days for questioning.
Att. Qawasmi asked why remand needed to be extended, since the detainee had admitted the allegations against him (supplying arms for a shooting incident) and he had given the police a detailed version of his involvement.

He has been detained since 18.2.12. This is his second remand extension.
Att. Qawasmi did not receive a satisfactory explanation as to the need for an additional extension.
Judge Sudari granted another 8 days for the investigation.