'Izbet alTabib, Far'ata, Habla, Imatin, Nabi Ilyas

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Dafna, Shiraleh, Rivka, Nirit, Nurit (reporter), and the driver Nadim

10.00  Nabi Elias 

The activity instructors were: Rivka, Dafna and Shiraleh.

Twelve women and a young fellow arrived at the local council

building.  Dafna and Shireleh organized a small party to celebrate the completion of the sock-knitting project, and it included a conversation, and discussion of future plans.  Towards the end, there was a “dance of the socks” accompanied by the song “Salam” of the “Sheva” ensemble.

A  group of five women completed their first cardboard project.  It was decided that also in the future the size of the group working with cardboard will be limited to five participants.  They must equip themselves with the appropriate equpment : knives and cardboard cutting patterns.  Next week, work on a simple three-dimensional object will start.  Another group of women will continue to knit or thread beads, with Rivka’s guidance.

10.20 Imatin

Six women received us.  Two of them were new and three girls joined their mothers due to a school holiday.  All of them, including the girls, were waiting for me sitting down in a half-circle.  We started with an introductory chat with the newcomers.  Afterwards,we repeated the material learned in  the previous meetings.  Two of the girls aged 11 took an active part in the conversation, repeated the sentences that had been learned and answered questions.  After a bit more than an hour, they informed me that it was time to eat. One of the women brought tea and pitas which she had got-up early that morning to make.  The pitas had a genuine taste with a lot of  spinach and za’atar.  During the meal, the talk turned to food.

Far’Ata  Nirit reported

We ascended to the observation point  with a view of the Gilad farm, and afterwards continued to travel in the direction of the southern slopes of Far’Ata.  Apparently, work is being done there to build a new “residential neighborhood”.  Nadim exchanged a few polite words with them in order to allay their suspicions about us.  It was nice to see the expansion of a village and not a settlement for a change.

11.50   Izbet El Tabib

It was quiet and there was no-one in the streets or the protest tent.

12.45  Habla Gate

The gate was closed and there was no traffic.  A man and