Bruqin, Deir Ballut, Haris, Kufr alDik

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Natalie Cohen, Rachel Alon, Naomi Benzur, Bracha Nadim, Reporting Translation: Shelly K.

9:00 Leaving from Rosh Ha’ayin

9:30 Hares

A small group is awaiting their Hebrew lesson. It turns out that there is an exam today at school. Several mothers are accompanying their children and arrive late. All in all, today there are 11 women. Today the subject is Weather: summer, winter, and the characteristics of each. When the women discover similarities between Arabic and Hebrew words (e.g., Rain = Matar), they are enthused. Shelly is too, of course. Next lesson, vocabulary relating to family.


The field trip:

9:45 Leaving Hares, an armored vehicle is traveling in the area of the village

10:00 Brokin. Here too, as in Hares, there are lots of children in the street. In the village, in Area B, we see a number of building starts. In the Brochin settlement, a new neighborhood is being built. In several structures, roofs are already in place.

Kfar Adik: At the western entrance, several large rocks that were once part of a barrier have been moved to the side access to the village. The settlement of Alei Zahav is on the continuation of the road: Construction, support beams are visible at the ridge of the hill. The tractors are in full action.

At the continuation of the road there is a makeshift sign with the name “Leshem”. A Palestinian resident of the area tells us that the buildings there are on land belonging to Kfar Adik and a few years back, the building was stopped.

Dir Balot: At the ridge of the hill opposite, there is a new paved road. The head of the municipality was told that the road will lead to a nature preserve to be established there.  Proof of the occupiers’ love of nature on occupied territory.

Three Ecumenical girls arrive at the villatge to join a ceremony marking the end of an agricultural course with diverse participants. Most of them women, few men.

Exiting Dir Blot, we see the Faduel settlement.  Lots of construction going on.

On the way back, at the entrance to Alei Zahav, we see an army jeep with soldiers nearby.

11:00 Return to Hares