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Natali C., Rachel A., Naomi B. (reporting), Driver: Nadim



09.00  We exit from the Rosh Ha’ayin railway station.  There is no sign of any

           military presence during the whole journey.


09.30  Haris


            This morning, the Hebrew lesson begins with a small party.  One of the

 pupils brings a cake she has made, and prepares tea for everyone.

 Another one has returned from Mecca and her excitement is still evident

The subject of the lesson is a continuation of learning  the parts of the body, in the

 singular and plural. This time illustration is by means of a picture of a

 babyinfo-icon.  The conversation takes place using  the vocabulary learned in

 previous lessons.  Several women can already read the new text almost

 without help.  A game of agility in exercising parts of the body ends the



(Details of) the tour :


The journey from Haris in the direction of Qarawat Bani Hassan


The village is quiet .  On the road are carpentry workshops and shops

 which are open.  In the center of the village there are houses whose

 colors are glowing and garish – a common sight in the West Bank.  From

 there we continue to Biddya, where activity is evident, and where

 many  of the assorted shops are open.


10.00 Mas-Ha


            An army jeep is parked next to the solitary house.  After a few minutes it

            drives away.  Along the length of the wadi, in the valley, North-East of the

            Elkana settlement one can see expansion, with new houses being built



11.00  Return to Haris


            The lesson has ended


11.30 Return to Rosh Ha’Ayin