Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Tova Szeintuch, Roni Hammerman (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound


Judge: Second-Lieutenant Jordan Barak

Police investigator: Omri Aweideh

Defense attorneys: Judd Kadmani, Naji A'amer


The session began 45 minutes late. Five cases were heard, using the assembly-line method (in 50 minutes, with breaks). Agreement was reached in three cases. In two cases, the judge reduced by a few days the number of days sought for remand extension: from 22 days to 15, and from 15 days to 11.

Another two cases were added after we left, but it was announced that agreement had been reached.


5 cases in the docket:


Bilal Nayef Abed-al Rahman Abu Alya

ID 911557601

The case will be transferred to the prosecution on 27.3.12.


Munther Ahmed Abed al Fattah Amro

ID 854378544

He is accused of membership in Hamas, but denies it.

The investigator requests a 15-day extension of remand, but the judge decides on 11 days.


Amad Abed al Karim Abed al Kader Abu Zina

ID 852689827

Accused of throwing stones and a Molotov cocktail. Complains of severe pain, and that he was kept handcuffed during the investigation. The pain provides a means of pressure to admit guilt.

The judge reduces the extension of remand from 22 days to 15.


Munther Omar Ali Abu Alya

ID 852060870

Agreement was reached.


Omar Khaled Omar Abu Reuk

ID 802362947

Agreement was reached and remand was extended by 4 days