Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound


Judge: Shmuel Fleischman

Police investigator: Afif Mahmoud

Defence attorney: Judd Kadmani


There were 4 cases in the docket.


The defence attorney arrived in court without a tie. The judge sent him to bring a tie, and while waiting examined the cases in the docket.

Judge Fleischman inquired of the investigator why he was seeking extension of remand in cases whose completion is near.

The investigator claimed that extensions were necessary to complete the investigations. The judge did not accept his position, and said he would not agree to more than 4 days to complete the investigation and to transfer it to the prosecution.

And so when the attorney returned from his search for a tie, there was no problem regarding an agreement between the parties: they agreed without a hearing.

All in all, we did not know how many days the police had asked for, and what the charges were (except in one case, where the charges were “membership in Islamic Jihad”, recruiting members, participating in processions of masked people, where the suspect was holding knives and throwing stones).


In the final case heard - of Khaled Ahmed Kader Kuad - ID 851619874  - Justice Fleischmann refused to accept the agreement the parties had reached: 7 more days of investigation.

Judge Fleischman argued energetically that the suspect had already been detained for one month, and that not much progress was expected in the investigation, and that there was no reason whatsoever that he - the judge - should serve as a rubber stamp for the investigation agencies. He refused to extend Kuad's detention by more than one day - and thus he decided and wrote in the minutes. By the following day in the afternoon, the case and the detainee must reach the Military Court in Ofer.


The cases in which four more days were granted for investigations:

Abed al-Rahman Issa Mohammed Abu Zagarit, ID 851902387

Kuotiba Musa Salem Ka’abna, ID 852190008

Ahmad Faisal Mohammed Amaeli, ID 850122821

All the detaineesinfo-icon were, at some stage during their arrest, barred from meeting with an attorney.