Qira, Zeta

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Harriet Goitein, Shosh, Riki

9:45 We meet Nadim at Rosh Haayen

10:15  Arrive at Qira, Nadim goes on to Zeta to drop off Shosh and Riki where they teach Hebrew in the Moadon there.

10:30 Four women and myself walk to the Kindergarten "Rooida" to deliver contributions of notebooks, color pens and pencils and books given by Nitza Abigail Guiterrez and toys, contributed by my daughter.

11:00 Five more women from the Moadon, join us, all wearing the Women's Palestinian red crescent society.

The planned program was for me to present the gifts and the women and I would play with the children.  It ended up that I taught singing and movement to two groups. In the beginning of each session, I shook hands with each child and we exchanged names.

The first group were the 3-4 years old and the second were the 5-6 years old.   Looking for a simple English song - I taught them with movement  "Up and Down around" ."Old Mcdonald" and colors. For the second group I added "Hokey Pokey".  The children were delighted and I was thrilled to get such a warm response and excited to be a music-kindergarten teacher which I have never been.

The intimate connection with them was priceless.

One of the women requested help in visiting her niece in Beilinson who after an accident, was operated on and will be in the hospital rehab for 6 additional weeks.  She is getting a magnetic card and Nadim and I will help her make this visit.  If anyone can help me with the process, I would appreciate it.

12:15 Nadim picked me up and we travelled to Zeta.

13:00  We returned to Rosh Haayen.