Study in Qira

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Sally Ann Friedland, Harriet Goitein (report)

9:45 We met Nadim at the Rosh Ha'ayin train station.

There were no events to report upon entering Qira

10:15 Arrived to the Moadon.  The ladies were late.  All school children were out of school in an act of support of the talks in Washington of Abu Mazen with President Obama.
On the way to Qira, many teenaged boys waved hello and said "Shalom"
10:30 We met the women in front of the Moadon.  The directors, N and N couldn't find the key so we were invited to the house of one of the ladies who lives across from the Moadon.  After awhile when we realized that we wouldn't be teaching in the Moadon, Sally Ann taught movement while we were all seated.  As usual, everyone co-operated  and were enthusiastic and laughing during the lesson.  At the end of the formal movement, Sally introduced the game of musical chairs.
8-9 adults and 4 teenaged girls (who we know from their previous visits to the moadon) participated today.

11:30  Harriet gave a short English lesson.  The ladies were given art picture books and asked to pick out a picture they liked.  They explained why they liked it; what colors, objects and mood it had. To some it was a first time seeing works of various artists.  Others were familiar with Toulouse Lautrec, and Egyptian art. Except

for a few, It was hard for them to speak although they know how to read.

11:50  Harriet helped two of the teenagers read their school story.  One could read very well, but also found it hard to speak.

12:00 We left Qira and returned through Kifl Harith

At the junction of Harrith, at the light, a large Army jeep was stationed on the hill and a soldier was outside viewing the passers-by.

12:40 Return to Rosh Ha'ayin Train station.