Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Eliyahu Crossing, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Tamar S., guest, Ana S. (reporting and taking photos)

9:30 We entered through the Eliyahu Gate into Road 55. The area seemed quiet: today no jeeps were observing the village of Burin.On the to-us-closed part of road 555, leading to Shchem, many taxis and several buses were busy carrying Palestinians to Ramallah, Jerusalem and/or to Jericho.

We soon heard about some new upsetting incidents. First, Nadim told us that the “Esh Kodesh” outpost settlers had again burnt and stolen Palestinian property in Kusra.

The second incident occurred at the ex-checkpoint at Beit Furik. As we passed it, we noticed signs of burning and graffiti . Palestinian drivers told Nadim that yesterday, Saturday 15.03, a young boy had burnt car tires near the column, and above that, had painted graffiti signs in red ink. In our photos one can identify ashes of tires on the ground; the graffiti on the column proclaim:

“BOYCOTT ISRAEL” in English, with corresponding Arabic words.

We are told that  for some 2-3 hours on Saturday, Zahal closed the Checkpoints, stopping and checking cars.

As we were leaving after examining the site, a military jeep arrived.

We passed Beita on road 60 (to left, direction Rosh Haayn) we witnessed yet a third incident: A long line of cars waiting to enter the village, was blocked by a Border Police (Mishmar Hagvul) jeep. Drivers and a shop worker, to whom Nadim spoke, asking what had happened, told him that this was a reaction to a recent stone-throwing incident, A situation similar to recurring ones in Azzun.  Since then, the Border Police jeep has been coming once a week, checks the cars going out of Beita for some time, and then leaves. In this narrow side-road, this quickly causes a traffic jam for incoming cars. Sadly, the faces of the waiting drivers betrayed no emotion whether of anger, rebellion or impatience. These Palestinians seem to be resigned to a recurring situation over which they have no control.

Tappuach Junction presented the usual configuration: the trempiada to Ramallah was watched by two Border Police soldiers, and the road to Shchem by another two; while the straw-covered “butkes” or look-out positions, placed on tall columns, stood empty

12:00  We return through Shomron gate.