Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Tarqumiya

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Yael Agmon (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Tarqumiya crossing


04:00 We left Shoket junction for Tarqumiya.

04:40 Tarqumiya. Many laborers and transport vehicles on the Israeli side. The line on the Palestinian side isn’t very long; people continue to join it.

04:45 The pens and fenced corridors are full. The revolving gatesinfo-icon open. Congestion and pushing at the entrance to the pen.

04:47 The revolving gates close.

04:49 They open.

04:50 They close.

04:54 They open.

04:55 They close.

04:56 They open and close intermittently until 05:13 when we left Tarqumiya.


The youth selling coffee tells us that for a while now the crossing has opened at 03:45 on Sunday. The line wasn’t long while we were there, nor was the canopied area serving as the pen full; only the portion near the revolving gates was in use.


We left at 05:13 because each person who arrived immediately entered the canopied area.


Meitar-Sansana crossing


Unusually, the line here is long; two security guards stand at the revolving gate, facing the laborers. We’re told that earlier about 12 people climbed over those waiting and pushed to the front. The security guards said they had endangered those on line. Their IDs were confiscated as punishment; they were promised they’d be returned by 09:00.

The security guards stood there to ensure such incidents wouldn’t be repeated. A man who pushed ahead and reached the revolving gate while we were there was pulled out of line.


We left Meitar at 06:35 because there was no longer a line; each arrival entered immediately.


New! New! Two women arrive, go directly to the revolving gate, the security guards check their IDs and allow them to enter without waiting on line. They’ve also arranged an entrance with a sign for wheelchairs.


The number crossing, according to the international observers:

04:00-04:30 – 657

04:30-05:00 – 943

05:00-05:30 – 1066

05:30-06:00 – 995

06:00-06:30 – 1051


At this point we left. The security guard said more than 6,000 people cross on Sundays.