Huwwara, Jayyus, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Shoshi I., Karin L. reporting. Translator: Tal H.

Huwwara – hearing testimonies about settler violence

Jayyus – monitoring opening of agricultural gate at noon


11:00 – Shomron Crossing, traffic flowing in both directions

11:20 – Za’tara/Tapuach Junction Checkpoint – no vehicles seen in the carpark, posts unmanned, one soldier seen up in watchtower.


11:30 – Huwwara village – army vehicle seen passing on main street. Seen driving towards Nablus 4 minutes later. M. tells us that two days earlier, settlers hurled stones at the home of his (American) uncle situated up the hill. The house is surrounded with surveillance cameras, but the stoning was done from above, the hill on which Yitzhar settlement is located. This time no damage was done. The inhabitants are often harassed. They try to summon the army, to no avail. M. tells us that two weeks earlier, settlers approached two Huwwara farmers who were tending their olive groves, beat them up and badly hurt them. One of the Palestinians was hospitalized for a few days with a fracture in his leg. It will take him six months to recover. When asked what he wishes for, M. answered that he wished the settlers would stop harassing Palestinians, and let them live in peace.


12:10 – Huwwara Checkpoint – a girl is seen up in the watchtower before the roundabout. Next to the watchtower at the checkpoint itself two vehicles are seen bearing Israeli license plates. Traffic flows in both directions.


12:20 – at the junction of the road leading up to Mount Gerizim, a soldier seen using his phone. ????

12:25 – army vehicle seen at Yitzhar junction.


12:55 – Jayyus north Checkpoint – The new military road is being completed. An army vehicle seen driving north. A man and a woman approach the post on a donkey-drawn cart.

13:00 – soldiers open the gate and it will remain open for an hour.

The opening times of the gate: 05:30-06:30, 13:00-14:00, 16:30-17:30


13:30 Azzun – much traffic in town, as on the roads all the way there. We visit Z.

13:45 – Eliyahu Crossing – we cross without delay, in spite of our Machsomwatch flag. 5 cars are being inspected. The rest cross swiftly.

13:50 – Habla Checkpoint – the last five cross. We meet Liora with guests from abroad. The pink bus that transports the children of Arab Aramadin, living in the Alfei Menashe enclave, to their school beyond the fence in Habla – crosses empty towards Habla.

14:00 – the gate closes.