Beitta, Burin, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Adi S., (guest), Fat'hiya A., Alix W. (reporting),

On Route 55 before the Nurseries and entrance to Habla, the Border Police are setting up a flying checkpoint. 

14:05 – Habla gate

Arrived just as they were closing. On our way to Huwwara we noticed a number of military jeeps along the way; In Al Funduq; on route 60; at Jit junc; on the way to Za'tara/Tapuah junction; just before the entrance to Itzhar.

14:35 – Huwwara

No stopping vehicles, there were soldiers at the Berakha stop

15:00 Burin village

We meet with M. who tells us that on Sunday, 23/3/2014, at 11:00 with the agreement and authorization of the Palestinian Authority and Israel to pave a road that leads from the village to a house further up the hill; as the tractor and Palestinians started their work, a group of settlers from the outpost of Bracha on the hill came storming down throwing stones and swinging sticks to stop the villagers, they were accompanied by Israeli soldiers for protection.  The settlers continued to throw stones toward the villagers, M. found himself surrounded by settlers who wounded him in his chest and arm, he was taken to the hospital.

On Monday the army closed the entrance to Burin, M. couldn’t get closer than 40 meters to the main road.  This is on the villager’s land, area B.  The settlers entered Burin devastating olive seedlings.  The closureinfo-icon was enforced by the army because they were afraid of confrontation from the Palestinians because of the funeral of the student who was killed back in 2002 when the settlers from Itzhar settlement attacked Palestinians from a village south of Asiyra, the settlers killed and took the body of the student; which they buried in a numbered (no names) cemetery. This student was only returned last Sunday.  There were two other Palestinian bodies that were returned last week from clashes that took place in 1983.

16:09 Checkpoint at Kfar Betta exit, stopping entrance

16:12 Zartara-Tapuah

Soldiers at junction and at hitchhiking stop

16:22 Barkan industrial park.

Military jeeps on both sides of the road at the entrance to Barkan