Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Yuval K., Raz Y., Ira A., Amira K., Ronit S. (guests); Raya Y. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.



We met Zion, the crossing manager, who told us that part of the crossing had been paved; the waiting area is now more pleasant.

We complimented him on the ease of returning through the crossing to Israel, which for the past two months has been accomplished without lengthy harassment by the crossing staff.

At the entrance they inspected only M.’s ID (our driver).



We met a man from England at the Tel Rumeida dig; he’s married to the daughter of the Cordova School’s principal. He told us that one day all the trees had been uprooted from both excavation areas around their house. We also met three archaeologists from “Emek Shaveh – Archaeology in the Shadow of the Conflict.” Gid’on Sulimani explained that “Emek Shaveh” is concerned with archeology’s role in Israeli society and in the Israel-Palestine conflict. They came here to learn about the excavations which began in January, 2014.


South Hebron Hills

In Ein Fukara Fadel told us that, God willing, things will be ok – he’d received a magnetic card which serves as an entry permit to Israel. He’s now looking for an Israeli contractor to employ him.

We saw new cameras installed on Highway 60, and concluded our tour at the glass factory.


Again we thank M., our gracious driver.