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Ronny P., Marcia L. (Reporter) and two students from Norway

05:00 There was a long line as is always the case on Sundays.  Only three inspection windows were open.  The carousels opened very slowly so the cages were packed densely with workers eager to get through the lines.  Women who arrived before the Humanitarian Gate opened waited outside the line of workers so they would not be mixed in with the men.  As soon as the carousel opened, the women hurried to get in line and merge with the men.  The men were always polite and let the women in even though the men were also in a hurry to get to the inspection windows.

M. was the policeman on duty and he behaved like a bully as he always does.  Three students (two young women and a young man) who are studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Tel Aviv University came to the Humanitarian Gate together with proper permits.  They usually pass through the Humanitarian Gate together, but not this time.  M. allowed the two young women to pass but would not allow the young man.  M. sent him to the line of workers and only after 20 minutes he passed through the inspection gate to the other side where the two female students waited for him. 

Another man also came with a proper permit to pass through the Humanitarian Gate so that he could receive treatments at Hadassah Hospital.   I remembered him from the week before.  M. did not let him pass last week and again this week.  When we asked the man why M.  refused to let him pass, he said he was not given a reason.  We watched the two incidents and saw the joy on M.’s face as he sent the student and the man who wanted to go to Hadassah back to the cages of workers in line.  We did not imagine M.’s reaction.  Six members of the volunteer organization EAPPI (the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel) and the two Norwegian students also saw it and spoke about it. 

07:00  Although workers continued to come to the check point, the lines were not long and the workers passed through in reasonable time.  We left at 07:15.