'Anabta, Habla, Huwwara

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Alix Weitzman, Fathhiya Akfa (reporting). Translator: Charles K.

13:45  Habla.  Many people crossed; there were no problems. 

Regarding the water pump:  I spoke to the son of the man in charge of the pump from the Shalom plant nursery; he said they’re waiting for the pump to be turned on today, as promised.


14:40  Mitzpeh Yishai.  (Opposite Kedumim)  Five soldiers emerged from a military pickup truck that stopped at the entrance to the outpost, came over to a Palestinian youth standing there and took him into the truck.  We stopped to see what was going on but by the time we reached the truck the youth had emerged.  We took him with us; he was going to Tulkarm.  He told us he’d been jailed by the police for two and a half weeks for forging an entry permit to Israel.   He’d been released and was trying to hitch a ride.  The soldiers had been suspicious because Palestinians are forbidden to stand there; he told them what had happened, they checked, found he was telling the truth and released him.


A military jeep is parked at the entrance to the Yitzhar settlement, guarding settlers at the bus stop.  Many military vehicles drive on the road.


14:50  Huwwara checkpoint.  Empty.


We’d heard that settlers from Homesh are harassing Palestinians in neighboring villages and drove via Deir Sharaf to see for ourselves.  There were no problems.



17:30  ‘Anabta checkpoint.  The checkpoint was manned as we returned from our shift; vehicles coming from both directions were being inspected.