Haris, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Natalie C., Naomi B. (reporting), Driver: Na’im


09.00    Departure from the Rosh Ha’Ayin railway station

09.00   Haris.  The lesson started late.  Today there were tests for the

primary school children, and matriculation exams for secondary school pupils.  Also the pupils’ mothers, who have been practicing their learning material with their children for a number of weeks, were accompanying them to the tests.  Although I had intended to proceed to a new subject today, the women asked to practice the subject of the clock again. This enabled them to repeat the numbers  in both the male and female form.  The practice gave them the opportunity to display their knowledge, both in speaking  and also reading.  The pleasure they derived from their ability was exhilarating.

The tour :

09.45  Departure from Haris towards the neighboring villages. The

entrance was open and the jeep which had parked there in past weeks wasn’t to be seen this time.  There was no military presence in Kira, Zita and Jima’ein.  However, an army jeep with two soldiers was stationed 20-30 meters from the entrance to Marda

At the Tapuach junction two barriers had been erected : an Israeli police barrier where vehicles travelling from the direction of Ramallah to Nablus were searched;  on the other side two border policemen checked every vehicle coming from the direction of Nablus to Ramallah.  At the junction itself, soldiers interrogated a man who had been taken out of his car.  He was freed a short time later.

Travelling towards Bita the entrance was open.  On the way back we again passed  the entrance to Marda.  The army jeep was still parked there.

11.00  Return to Chares.  There was no military presence along the whole

             length of the route.

11.30  Return to Rosh Ha’Ayin