'Azzun, Imatin, Kufr alDik

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Sarah A., Dafna A., Sarah K., Nurit P. and Dvorka O. (reporting). Translator: Hanna K.

09:30 Azzun – About fifteen women arrived at the club. As our suggestion to begin with Yoga exercises was welcomed by the coordinators of last week, we checked again with the women themselves whether they were interested in the program, and who would participate. We had a list of about ten women, and next week Sarah K. will open the activity, parallel to the handicraft.

The rest of the meeting was consecrated by Dafna and Sarah A. to laying the foundations for the study of Hebrew. First by familiarizing them with the language, then the  basic vocabulary and then the study of a song in Hebrew and its translation into Arabic .  The women promised to teach an Arabic song at the next meeting.

09:45 At the exit from Azzun, near a storeroom in one of the suburbs, we saw the distribution of flour by the UNRRA people to inhabitants considered '48 refugeees'.  It is known that all over the West Bank there is a support net of UNRRA for the Palestinians who were expelled or forced to flee from their houses and arrived at the West Bank as a result of the 1948 War.


10:00 Imatin, Nurit reporting: " Sara and myself entered the class at Imatin. Today I counted 11 women who arrived for our activity. After Sara's absence for three weeks, there was surprise and joy to see her back. Surprise and joy were also expressed at seeing N. who was also absent for a few weeks owing to a family visit in Jordan. We began the lesson with a conversation about the extended family which lives in Jordan, and comparisons between their dwelling place and Imatin. After that we worked on a reading page which I had prepared for the lesson.

When the Yoga lesson under Sara's guidance began, I continued working with N. and R. on the reading page on which we worked in class the previous week. I was impressed by the women's motivation to complete what needed completion".


10:15 Dvorka and Nadim toured Revava and Hares on road 5066 in the direction of road no. 5 and from there in the direction of Bruqin and Kufr alDik.  The roads and streets at the villages are almost empty and seem  tranquil! All along the way we didn't see the army, exept a military command car which passed us near Hares, and one which was parked at noon at the entrance to Azzun.

Near Kedumim settlement there stood a fire extinguishing vehicle and three firemen who stood near it. Smoke rose from behind the bushes and Nadim's guess was that this was a fire extinguishing maneuver.


Driving on the road which goes through Bruqin one can see the progress of the building on the ridge opposite, between the settlements Baruchin and Alei Zahav. Until not long ago a group of grey houses  without plaster and roofs stood out there, today the red roofs have been added. On our way back we saw Israeli flags fluttering on the ridge near the settlement of Baruhin.


11:15 After a visit to the women's club coordinator in the village of alDik, we saw from road 5066 preparations for the building of a new road to the settlement of Immanuel. We won't be surprised if the new road will be built on the lands of Haris or other villages in the vicinity. It seems that the road is intended to shorten the approach to the settlement, and to arrive straight to the water reservoir on top of the hill.