Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Incriminators

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Russian Compound 


Judge: Avri Einhorn

Police Intvestigator: Omri Awida

Defense: Firas Sabah


There were 8 cases in the docket – four of them of detaineesinfo-icon barred from conferring with their attorney. In three cases plea bargains had been negotiated between the sides.


Raafan Mahmoud Mussa Hayan – ID 921045200

Charge: planning and participating in a terrorist attack against the settlement of Migdal Oz, throwing incendiary bottles and membership in “Shuhada Al-Aksa”.

The detainee has been barred from meeting his attorney until today, 11.2.13 at 23:59.

The police investigator requested 15-day remand extension to complete the investigation.

The defense objected to the remand extension. Even though this is the first extension in this case, the defendant has been cooperative, he made a statement to the police, and “according to my colleague’s statement” he ties himself to the allegations.

Roni and I decided not to show the judge the document that recommends allowing us, representatives of the public, to remain in the courtroom while the defense has to leave (to prevent contact with the defendant): this judge has already voiced his opinion of the High Court of Justice’s recommendation [see report from 14.1.13]. When the Investigator saw that we were not leaving, he immediately declared a “closed doors hearing” – rather too easily, we thought. The judge accepted this declaration without hesitation, and we saw no point in repeating the futile ritual. We left the courtroom, the detainee was led in and the judge declared a 15-day remand extension.


Mahmoud Daoud Haled Alhabal – ID 853934909

Charge: membership and activity in Hamas.

The Police Investigator requested 11-day remand extension.

Atty. Sabah represented the detainee, instead of Atty. Quasme.

The Investigator stated that his unit would try to complete the interrogation as quickly as possible and transfer the case to the prosecution. There would not be another extension.

The defense objected to the police request. The detainee has already been interrogated for a long time without much progress. He denies the allegations and has given a statement to the police on 7.2.12.

The charges are based on incriminations.

The judge’s decision: After having examined the file and the reports, he decides on an 8- day remand extension. If necessary, there will be another extension later.


Nur Aladin Abed Al-Rahman Ibrahim Alaeruri – ID 852459551

Imad Wajia Abe Al-Jawad Salah – ID 850292756


Both detainees are barred from seeing an attorney. They are both charged with membership and military activity in Hamas, as well as with endangering security in the region.

The police requested 15-day remand extension to complete the investigation.

From the defense’s questions we gather that they are suspected of planning and initiating the alleged violation.

The detainees were interrogated face to face, but not by the police.

The defense asked to cut short the period of interrogations.


We left the court and the Russian Compound.