'Izbet alTabib

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Tikva, Nirit (reporting), Translator: Charles K.

‘Izbet AlTabib, ‘Isla


We came on our own.


09:30  We reached ‘Izbet AlTabib.  The village is quiet; the coordinator isn’t where we’d arranged to meet her.  We started walking; we met a Palestinian man who happened to pass by.  He had a friendly talk with us about the situation – a binational state, two states, the leaders of each side, etc.

Half an hour later the coordinator arrived and accompanied us to the meeting’s location in the  neighboring village ‘Isla.  Within a few minutes we were joined by nine women, two girls and a boy aged 18 (the son of one of the women) who helped translate.  The meeting was devoted to getting acquainted and defining what we expect from one another.  The women wanted to learn beading, not in order to make jewelry for themselves and their daughters, but to decorate their homes – prayer beads, coasters, etc.  Next week they’ll bring large beads, an example, thread and tools.  Tikva will bring embroidery cloth and beads and we’ll start working.  We’ll teach each other.


They also asked us to teach the children English – a group of 20-30 boys and girls aged 10-12 – beginning next week, if possible.


Since the women hadn’t brought material to work with we decided to get to know each other.  One speaks English, which was very helpful in our discussion.  They told us about their lives, their family, their husbands working in Israel, local society and customs.  We told them something about ourselves; we shared experiences.  Two older women had come only to be with us, as did the two girls.  They invited us to lunch; we politely refused.


11:30  We parted warmly and drove back.