'Izbet alTabib

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Tikva, Nirit (reporting) ,Translator: Charles K.





10:00  We arrived in ‘Asla.  The women weren’t at the meeting place.  Four came a few minutes later, with four small children.  Only one had brought embroidery threads; the others promised to buy large beads in Qalqilya and bring them next time.  Tikva shows them the fabric, beads and the examples she’d brought, and gives them general instructions.  The women describe the technique they’re familiar with:  first sketching the pattern on the fabric, then embroidering.  Each selects a colorful design; we all begin working.  More women arrived during the class, including three pleasant, smiling young women, one a nurse in a Nablus hospital; her friend, a student in the Open University in Qalqilya; the third a high school student.  After getting acquainted and talking briefly they also joined the group.  The atmosphere was warm and friendly, the women were charming and very generous.  At the end of class Nujud and Ansam were applauded for doing a very good job.


We’ll continue next time; the women asked that the session be longer.


12:00  We finished and left to go back.