'Izbet alTabib, Falamiya, Habla, Jayyus

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Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green




06:10  'Azzun 'Atma

There are already a lot of employers waiting outside;  the line is not long and there are 3 inspection stations.  The courtyard of the shop next to the gate is empty - no one is eating now and there are also no coffee kids.  On the other hand, the ironing workshop, which is generally closed at the hours when we are at the checkpoint, in a little building on the "Israeli" side of the checkpoint, is open and operating.  They get up early now to eat and then start to work until 3 PM.


The new wall stands on either side of the road, one only needs to cross it.  On the "Israeli" side it is decorated in pleasant earth colors, while on the side toward Palestine, it is only gray cement.  Why should they waste any beauty on them?


We traveled along the road next to the old fence to the Tamar Gate - there is a lot of action there, preparation for using the lands which will be returned to the residents of the village.  A lot of dirt which was dumped there and, according to Hani (from Masah), whom we met there on the road, this is dirt from the building excavations which can be re-used for agricultural purposes;  a ray of light within all the darkness.


07:00  Habla. We made a bet on the way - will there are won't there be a pump, and guess what happened?  Of course - no pump.  According to Abed, the pump is being fixed, but now there is a problem with the contractor whose contract with the Swedes has expired and needs to be extended before he will agree to work and put it together, as well as the electrical work.  The annoying thing is that months have gone by and, in the end, there will be a pump.  So, it would have been possible to allow it without all these minor triumphs of harassment.


At the checkpoint, the line is short and operating relatively well;  everyone went through by 08:00, when the checkpoint closes.


Eliyahu Gate– There is no one waiting in the pedestrian line;  Palestinians are waiting at the bus stop.   Only the settlers wait in the hitch-hiking area;  why not?


Isbat Tabib- Everything is open, no army.


'Azzun is quiet.  There are soldiers at the bus stop at the exit from 'Azzun;  they stop some of the vehicles and check their papers.


08:40  Jayyus

The gate, naturally, is closed at this hour.  We wanted to see what is happening with the new fence.  Indeed, this fence is connected to the former fence a bit to the north, which means that people from Jayyus will be able to continue to use this gate to arrive in the fields south of the fence, which are still outside the fence;  seems that the fence is almost finished.


08:50  Falamya

Here there is a pastoral calm as usual, with birds flitting above and in the lemon grove nearby.  If there were no checkpoint, this would be a Garden of Eden.  Also here, the new fence reaches the old fence a bit to the north of the checkpoint and it is clear that this checkpoint will move when the fence is finished.  Where - unknown.  But, it is clear that it will still be necessary because a lot of lands belonging to the people of Falamya and Jayyus will also remain outside of the new fence.