Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.

Russian Compound   


Judge: Azriel Levi (res.)

Police Investigator: Firas Jabari

Defense: Firas Sabah, Tarek Bargout


5 cases in the docket, one of them is a detainee barred from seeing an attorney.


Abed Alrahim Ahmad Muhammd Awad – ID 853653095

(see earlier report of this case from Ofer on 28.5.13)

Defense: Firas Sabah


The Investigator requests an 11-day remand extension. Awad is suspected of membership in an unlawful organization and activity in harming security. From the attorney’s questions and from the Investigator’s restrained answers, we gather that the name of the organization in question is confidential, that the violations are recent, that the detainee was interrogated by both the police and the GSS, that he linked himself to the suspicions against him and that he had accomplices.


Defense summation: The detainee gave two statements to the police; he linked himself to the charges and he was telling the truth.

He is essentially suspected of throwing rocks. As for membership in said organization, he denies the allegations. He was beaten by his own father as a warning against participation in an unlawful organization.

If the investigation is an attempt to seek the truth, there is no need to continue.


The judge’s decision:

The judge asks the detainee: How are you? (The detention report states that he was wounded at the time of arrest). Answer: Now I am OK.

His honor extends the remand by 8 days.


Maed Kamal Abed Alfatah Hazoun – ID 852274273

Defense: Firas Sabah


The Investigator requests an 8-day extension to complete the investigation.

The defense proceeds to the summation right away: the detainee made a statement to the police; he was interrogated by the GSS and has linked himself to the suspicions. He has been interrogated for a long time and was also barred from seeing counsel for a lengthy period. There is no need for another extension, unless the aim is to obtain information about others.


Judge’s decision:

The judge sides with the defense: extending the investigation in order to gather info about others is no ground for detention. The case should go to the prosecution. Remand extension for 4 days.


Rami Riad Abed Alkader Zaban – ID 852458181

Defense: Tarek Bargout


The Investigator requests a 15-day extension. The charge is activity against security in the region.


The defense asks:

Is it true that he claims he kept a hunting rifle for the purpose of hunting?

Answer: He links himself to the suspicion,

Q: Are there any other charges, besides possession of hunting rifle and link to an incident that took place two years ago? Any other suspicions against him?

A: All the suspicions refer to recent events.

Q: Was the detainee allowed to consult an attorney?

Q: He signed the Rights form.


The judge intervenes for clarification, asking the detainee: Were you told you had a right to an attorney?

Detainee’s answer: No.


Defense summation: The detainee cooperates. He was arrested two days ago, confessed to possessing a rifle. His rights were violated when the GSS prevented him from consulting an attorney.

Request for reduced detention.


Judge’s Decision: 8 days remand in view of the detainee’s cooperation on the one hand and of the charges leveled against him on the other.


Haled Fahad Sharif Zaban – 853400141

Defense: Tarek Bargout


The detainee is barred from meeting with counsel.

The defense moves for an 8-day remand to complete the investigation.

The Investigator moves for 15. He leaves for consultation and returns with an unreasoned answer; no compromise has been reached. After a few questions by the defense – without the presence of the detainee – they all leave the court. We remain. The judge does not order us to leave, nor does he ask us to produce authorization for staying in court.

The judge asks the detainee: How are you? How are you feeling? The detainee’s leg hurts. He complained twice, was examined by a doctor but got no relief.

The judge asks: Were you treated fairly during the interrogation? The answer: Three men kept shouting at him. There was also a woman whose identity he does not know.

Judge’s Decision: The detainee accepts most of the charges, as evidenced by his police statement. No grounds for further detention beyond today and tonight.


Final decision: 4-day remand to complete the investigation, then the case goes to the prosecution.


Nader Abed Alrazak Subhi Saar – ID 853463792

Defense: Firas Sabah


The Investigator requests 18–day remand extension.


After a few questions the defense sums up: This is the first extension. The suspect was arrested yesterday and questioned about military activity. He was told that other detaineesinfo-icon implicated in the case confessed and linked him to the charge.

He was not confronted with his incriminator.

The suspect gave his statement about a meeting with one of the people released in the Shalit Exchange. The meeting took place in Jordan; he claims that he has refused to carry out actions against security forces.

The defense moves to release the detainee or to shorten the investigation.


The Judge’s Decision: The charges against him are serious. He confessed to some of them. He was presented with a plan of interrogation that fits the severity of the charge.

Remand extension for 11 days