Ha'ja, Isla, Qaddum

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Miki Tousia-Cohen, Nurit Popper, Nirit Haviv . Nadim the driver. Natanya translating.

Isla. 20 children between the ages of 4-14 joined the group. Some of them we know from previous meeting and for the first time older children joined us.

We divided the children into two groups. In the first group we practiced in English various items of clothing. We showed the children pictures and they wrote words in their exercise book and very much enjoyed this part. In the second group the children were divided into smaller groups and each one had an exciting activity …puzzles with English letters, the game King of the felafel, etc.


In the second part of the shift we went to Qaddum.


We arrived a short time before the Friday prayers and the weekly demonstration. Some of the village people were already present together with burning tyres, masks, sling shots, stones and kafia. The villagers said that it seems that there was the beginning of an agreement to open the road to public vehicles and ambulances from the 1.11.2014 (following the report of Daniella). They are doubtful. “First let them open the road and then we will see. We will continue to demonstrate.” We were told that last week soldiers used the stink machine (Boash) into a home at the side of the road where a family with quite a few children live. The remainder of the smell was still in the air.


On the way back we went through  Hajah. A man of about 40, a father of 5 children told us that he is not allowed into Israel because when he as 12 years old he threw stones. But now he is a father of children and has to provide for them but who cares. The Palestinians are always to blame.